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Sometimes I get into a creative rut in my kitchen. When I feel like I'm just defaulting to the same spices & flavors, that's when I know, it's time to dine out. The promise of new spices, textures, a foreign cuisine, fuels my creativity and inspires me to run home to replicate it. For me, a perfect dining experience is getting dolled-up and going out on a date with my husband, surrendering to the ambiance, music, flavors, the whispers of foreign languages...ahh it instantly transports me to India, Morocco, Italy, France or Spain...I just love it!

A chef friend of mine gave me a valuable dining-out tip...he told me to ask the waiters what their favorite meal is. They will usually help guide your tastebuds when needed. And when I really love the chef's creations, I nudge the staff to let the chef know, to encourage them to come out to chat with me. When they do it's like meeting my new favorite rockstar.  

So, I say take it all in whenever you dine-out…whether it’s at a fine-dining restaurant or at a local food truck.

Bon appetit!


Manhattan, NYC

Since 1998, the best of New York’s restaurant scene—experts in both classic comforts and gastronomic innovations—have gathered together for one incredible feast, New York Taste.

Together with City Harvest, New York Taste once again served the city’s most delectable and diverse menu. Guests enjoyed an incredible evening of music, tastings and libations with all you can eat & drink from more than 40 restaurants, chefs, and mixologists.


Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Smorgasburg is the largest weekly open-air food market in America, attracting 20,000-30,000 people to Brooklyn each weekend to eat from 100 local vendors—Saturdays on the Williamsburg waterfront and Sundays in beautiful Prospect Park. It launched May 21, 2011, as a spinoff of Brooklyn Flea (founded in 2008), and has since launched dozens of small businesses and attracted millions of visitors. The New York Times dubbed Smorgasburg “The Woodstock of Eating."

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